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You don't need to me to tell you that there are LOADS of really great Cliff related websites out there (much better than mine!).   Here are just a few. (If you'd like your site added to this list please mail me).

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Somepeople's Cliff Pages (My main Cliff site)

The Official Cliff Richard Web Site

The Sir Cliff Richard Homepage

The International Cliff Richard Movement

The Site With Dynamite

THE Heathcliff Site

Lee's 'Ocean Deep' Site, The New Cliff Richard Website

The 100% Totally Unofficial Cliff Site

Greets Cliff Pages

Beth Mannings Webpage

Sir Cliff Richard personal tribute by Diane Adams

Leo's Den (Specialists in Cliff & The Shadows)

Emmanuelle Grasset's great new site (great photos)

Please check out my main Cliff site for a full list of Cliff links, including e-mail lists.  Also, don't forget to look on the Yahoo Clubs, theres some great Cliff Clubs.

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