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Do you live in the UK?  Are you visiting shortly?   If so, then check out the below
places of 'Cliff' interest.  If you can think of any that I've missed please mail me and I'll add them to the site.  (Dont forget to have a look at the 'checklist' which has more places listed than I can display here).

OK.... on to the featured locations and their significance for Cliff fans....

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The Famous 2i's Coffee Bar in Old Compton Street in London's Soho.  Where Cliff played as an aspiring Rock Star.  Now The Dome Bar/Cafe.

Birminghams NEC and NIA which have been the venue of many Cliff concerts over the years. The NIA was a venue for Heathcliff and also Cliff's annual tennis tournament.

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The BBC's Broadcasting House in the centre of London.  Cliff has appeared on many radio shows broadcast from this building.

Ealing Studios, featured in the Making of Heathcliff Video.

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Gas Street Basin, Birmingham (near the NIA), a central location in Cliff's 1974 film 'Take Me High'.

Hammersmith's Labatts Apollo, the London Venue of Heathcliff and many Cliff concerts.

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